Friday, September 23, 2011

My Printer's Tray

I have a problem. I admit it.

I have tons and tons and TONS of little plastic baggies filled with beads. Well, not exactly filled. Some have one bead... some three... some full strands! And I carry them around in three, or four, or six plastic boxes (one of which was in the trunk of my boyfriend's car until I realized TODAY it was missing... and it must have been "missing" for MONTHS but I just suddenly remembered it existed today!... I'm rambling...). Not to mention the boxes of buttons I have acquired... and seed beads... eeek...

SO. OBVIOUSLY I need a solution.

Enter the printer's tray.

I am going to go through my bead baggies and fill each little tray compartment with goodies. AAAND, I'm going to turn those goodies into pieces! YAY!

Obviously, I'm not THAT brilliant. This was not my idea. I borrowed it from one of my bloggy heroes, Shannon Levart.

Shannon filled her printer's drawer (I'm calling mine a tray because it is small and knob-less) and blogged about each compartment and the projects that came from them. SHE got the idea from another bloggy hero of mine, Lorelei Eurto. Shannon had 103 compartments! My tray is small compared to her drawer... and I'm embarrassed to say I did not count how many compartments. Ha. But, I will make pieces and reuse the tray until my bead stash has been brought down to something that won't break my backpack. 

Come back tomorrow and check out the first compartment!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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  1. Okay, this is ironic...I've been using bead storage trays for my loot for several years. And I'm thinking of switching over to baggies! Whenever I leave my trays out, either the kids bump them and then beads go everywhere OR the dog and/or cat lays near them and gets pet hair in the compartments (yuck!) Can you tell me what you don't like about having beads in baggies? I was thinking of sorting them by color in separate drawers so that I can still pull out the drawers and have access to the beads, but then they won't be so vulnerable to the craziness in our house! :-)