Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ahtee's Reads

I adore books. My day job is in a book store and books have been a huge part in my life. My family always had tons and tons of books around and going to the book store was always something my parents approved of. Here's a list of books I hope to read this month:

Business: A list of books I'm reading to help me get one step closer to my dream of living off of my own small business.

Made to Stick: by Chip Heath and Dan Heath- What makes a product "sticky?" The Heath brothers talk about the art of making ideas unforgettable.

Built to Love: by Peter Boatwright and Jonathan CaganWhat do your products need in order to make a sale? Emotional fulfillment.

Good to Great- by Jim Collins- Collins explores how good organizations and business can become ones that produce great results.

Boss of You: by Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon- The subtitle (which is what made me pick up this book) reads "Everything a woman needs to know to start, run, and maintain her own business."

Pleasure: Stories I'm hoping to read this month that just tickle my fancy.

Snow Queen's Shadow: by Jim C. Hines- One of my favorite authors. This is the conclusion of his Princess Novels. I kind of don't want to read it because it means the end of the series BUT I HAVE TO! Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are a kind of Charlie's Angels. How could you not love this series?

First Lord's Fury: by Jim Butcher- Another final book to a series. GAH! What will I read after??? This is one I'm doing in audio and it's fantastic. The first book is called "Furies of Calderon." Imagine everyone uses magic and you're the only one who can't. That's the pitch that got me into this series.

Firethorn: by Sarah Micklem- An orphan (the best stories are centered around orphans) with amazing powers falls in love with a with a king's nobleman. Amazon says "Blood, insightful, emotionally wrenching, and beautifully written..."

Ghost Story: by Jim Butcher- The 13th book in the Dresden Files series. This is Harry Potter for adults. Want another good audio book to listen to? Pick up this series. All of them are a fun ride. And James Marsters (from Buffy) reads it. Releases July 26. Might not get to read it til next month. *pout*

I'll probably post blogs on each book (hopefully I'll read all of them). What are you guys reading this month?

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  1. I've just finished reading the "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. One of the best books I've read, definitely in my top 10.