Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back a Day Early!

No WIP Wednesday this week! Sorry! We just got back from our camping trip yesterday. We were supposed to stay til today but everyone decided to leave a day early for various reasons so we also left early too.
It was a ton of fun. And such a beautiful place.

But let me warn you. If you decide to camp at Gaviota State Park, camp in a trailer or an RV or a SUPER sturdy tent. It was UNBELIEVABLY windy. The days were nice but after 4 or 5 pm, the wind picked up and blew everything down.

The group lost a tent, a netted shade, and one of the canopy things fell down. Our water supply tipped over and we had to buy more. And at night, I swear, I thought the tent was going to lift up with Rod and I in it!

But, we were only a 2 minute walk away from the beach which was nice.

And I loved being with my family. I missed my cousins so much.

There were yummy nomnoms and we had so much fun.

And at the end, Rod and I went to Solvang and I bought a tea set. A tiny tea set. Because I like them and am going to start collecting them.

It was a good vacation. I got some terrible news in the middle of it: Borders Books, where I work, is going out of business. The stores all start liquidating Friday (if not totally just closing). I cried. But the one good thing about getting the news during the trip was my family and my love were with me and I could cry and scream and they were there to support me.

I will be out of a job soon. It will be tough. But, with their love and support, I believe I can make it. And I'm hoping that I can do something with Ahtee's Designs that will last. These next few weeks will be interesting. And you're all going to join me on this ride.

YAY!... right? :P

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