Monday, June 6, 2011

Wanting to Macrame

... Is macrame a verb?... hmm...

noun, verb, -méd or -méed, -mé·ing.
an elaborately patterned lacelike webbing made of hand-knotted cord, yarn, or the like, and used for wall decorations, hanging baskets, garments, accessories, etc.
the technique or art of producing macramé.
–verb (used with object)
to make or produce using macramé: to macramé a wall hanging.

*ahem* I want to macrame. I started a piece a few days ago with the intention of turning it into a bangle but after looking at some beautiful fiber pieces out there, I want to finish it with some waxed Irish linen cord and beads. I'm not talking about going crazy with some elaborate knot work. I might just do a simple braid with beads. Whatever happens, this is a bit new to me and I'm very excited.

Check out some of the lovely pieces out there on etsy!
 These lovely earrings are from terraform jewelry. I love that it's macrame over metal.

I LOVE this color combo from Alyse DeVries. I have such a soft spot for Czech glass beads.

 Here, lunaticart has made lovely rings using macrame! Such beautiful colors!

Such inspiring pieces. And on top of browsing etsy for inspiration, I picked up Mod Knots at work. So excited.

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  1. I love macrame and knotting! I've been using it a lot in my jewelry since the price of silver went up so much.