Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Time Flies

Just a brief warning: There is a picture of a whole roasted pig in this post... If this grosses you out or it offends you, I'm sorry. It's part of my culture and it was yummy :)

Its been so long since I posted here. The past few weeks have been... fantastic and horrid at the same time. Work, life, love, family... all of these take up my time. Creation has to wait and I go crazy in the mean time. Sorry to all my friends and family who have had to deal with me being so insane.

In other news, there were two birthdays to celebrate the past few weeks. I turned 23 on the 23rd of August (YAY!) and my nephew turned 6 on the 29th. I went to the Santa Ana Zoo with RH for my birthday. Lots of monkeys (the guy above desperately wanted a spider that was crawling on that leaf. We watched him try and try to get it but he wasn't able to... ) and happiness.

We drove up to my hometown to celebrate my nephew's birthday. There was a MOUNTAIN of presents. And he said mine (The Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary, thank you very much) was his favorite. There was yummy food (mmm... roasted pig) and awesome people. It was nice seeing my brother's family and friends after being away for so long.

I'm going to make an effort to post more. I think about this blog and my blog friends everyday. I wish I had just a few more hours each day... I need to make those hours happen.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! we cooked a pig over the weekend for a wedding reception, ain't no better eatin!!!!