Wednesday, August 4, 2010

101 Things

This is my 101st post! *dances* I've seen other bloggers post 100 things about themselves on their 100th post. Well, I'm a little late so I've added an extra one. :)

1) My birthday is August 23rd.

2) I am named after Saint Rose of Lima... her feast day is my birthday.

3) My full first name is Rosemarie.

4) I was originally going to be named "Adelita," which is a combination of my mother's name (Lolita) and my dad's mom's name (Adelia).

5) Right at this moment, I hear loud quacking from my cousin's kids' ducks. There are four of them.

6) I got to hold one of them when they first got the ducks and it scratched me.

7) Birds are my least favorite animals.

8) I think some birds are pretty like peacock.

9) Once, at Sea World, a bird swooped in on me and took a bite out of my cheesecake.

10) I park my car under a street light sometimes and in the morning, when there are birds
perched upon said light, I'm afraid they'll poop on me.

11) My car is in desperate need of an oil change.

12) ... And new brakes.

13) ... And a car wash.

14) Most of my money goes to rent and paying for the car so those things have been on hold for a while :(

15) I'm currently working at a Borders bookstore.

16) They laid me off a few months ago and I swore I'd never go back but here I am... at least I'm at a different store.

17) I actually like working at the store I'm at right now. It's smaller and the customers are nicer.

18) I still get a few crazies at the store I'm working at.

19) Two days ago, a lady came in wanting me to help her find an illustration of Noah's ark. After helping her look for 20 minutes, I left her alone with a kids' bible and when I came back the dust jacket was gone. After asking her where it was, she said it fell back in the kids' department. Looked and it wasn't there. I went back to ask her again where it was, and she picked up her stack of magazines when she saw me... lo and behold, under the magazines was the dust jacket, folded in half in an attempt to conceal it. I snatched it up, looked at her and said, "Oh, so that's where it is. Thanks." She left and I could hear her yelling into her phone at whoever she just called... You really think STEALING a dust jacket will make your school project better!? Wow.

20) Since I started working in retail, I've become more patient with cashiers and other people who try to make MY shopping experience nicer.

21) On my 21st birthday, we celebrated by going to the zoo.

22) I did not drink because I actually had my first sip of alcohol when I was probably 10 and after lots of partying in high school, I don't really drink that much anymore.

23) I wonder if lacking the urge to "party" makes me old.

24) I will be 23 this year.

25) My boyfriend is twice my age.

26) When I first met him, I thought he was probably about 30.

27) We've been together for over 2 years.

28) He just sent me a picture of a slice of cake he's eating... I'm jealous.

29) I like food.

30) I like to read blogs about food.

31) I like cooking but haven't had the time to cook much lately.

32) My favorite foods are spaghetti and hot wings... not at the same time.

33) Though, I've never tried them at the same time. Maybe I should?

34) Recently, I've been loving egg plant parmesan. Particularly, egg plan parmesan from Trader Joe's with slices of white bread. YUM!

35) I prefer crunch peanut butter over creamy.

36) I do, however, really enjoy creamy peanut butter with honey.

37) Once, my boyfriend put honey in my coffee because he thought it would be healthier as I was trying to find a healthier way to sweeten my coffee... I did not enjoy it.

38) I used to spend $20 A DAY at Starbucks.

39) During my junior and senior year in high school, I'd go to Starbucks once before school, once during school, and once or maybe even twice after school.

40) I realize now that I had a problem.

41) Some nights, I wouldn't be able to sleep without a cup of coffee.

42) I just walked into the kitchen to grab a snack and the ducks freaked out. They have to be brought in because they're still too little to stay outside.

43) Loud quacks in the dark make me jump high.

44) I just received a text saying that someone is on his way to bring me a slice of yummy cake.

45) I love that someone.

46) I come from a huge and loving Filipino family.

47) My grandfather lived to be 96.

48) He died last year.

49) I think about him all the time.

50) I gave a eulogy at his funeral.

51) I do not like crying in public.

52) Sometimes, when I cry, I cover my eyes with my hands and push and I get a little bruise from pinching my nose unintentionally.

53) Oh hey! Cake has been delivered! Cake break! :D

54) I am eating quite possibly the best chocolate cake I've ever had. From Trader Joe's, I'm told.

55) Trader Joe's seems magical right now.

56) I like reading fantasy books... lots of magic and creatures.

57) I've developed a problem where I'll start a book, a really good book, a really good book that I just don't want to stop reading but then somewhere between a quarter of the way through to half way, I find something else I want to read and then I stop reading the other book! Very bad.

58) Currently, I'm reading a book about griffins.

59) The book I'm reading has no reviews, the cover isn't particularly nice... I chose it purely because I haven't read a book with griffin characters in it.

60) I used to ride griffins all the time... in World of Warcraft :P

61) I don't play World of Warcraft anymore because it's expensive for me.

62) The books on the other hand, I've read three of them.

63) Three is my favorite number.

64) This list is taking me too long to type up! What was I thinking?

65) I do a fantastic Filipino accent.

66) When I try to imitate other accents, it usually sounds Filipino, I'm told.

67) Except for my Aussie and Southern accent. I do good Aussie and Southern accents.

68) I used to want to move to Georgia.

69) There was an art school there I so desperately wanted to attend.

70) I ended up going to the Laguna College of Art and Design.

71) I had to drop out two years ago because its SO EXPENSIVE!

72) I would love to go back to LCAD but am content to do my own art thing for now.

73) Today, I made four buttons.

74) I just learned how to set blogs to post on a certain day.

75) The buttons will be posted tomorrow because of the new and wonderful thing I learned.

76) I can't believe I still have 25 things to tell you guys.

77) I'm reading blogs while writing this hoping to get inspired by what I should tell you guys.

78) I just learned that sugar weakens the immune system.

79) I've cut back a lot on my sugar intake and this is actually unintentional. I haven't really been craving sweets like I used to in high school.

80) However, I haven't lost much weight.

81) I used to eat terribly in high school but because I played sports, I wasn't too overweight (full figured, yes).

82) I stopped playing tennis when I went to college but didn't really stop eating terribly and I BALLOONED.

83) I think I'm less balloon-like now and more like a fluffy pillow. :)

84) My family likes to call everyone fat or dark. And not in a loving way. It actually hurts sometimes.

85) Once, when I was little, I cried and ran to my grandfather because of the teasing and he said, "You're not fat! You're healthy!"

86) From then on, when a relative calls me fat, I think of my Lolo, with his wonderfully thick Filipino accent, telling me that I am not fat.

87) I think cake this late at night probably wasn't the best idea in the world. Little tummy ache :(

88) I am currently obsessing over buttons.

89) I like using copper in my jewelry.

90) I wish I had more time to create said jewelry.

91) My empty Etsy shop makes me sad.

92) Soon. Oh yes. Soon, there will be new items in said Etsy shop.

93) I'm relatively new to jewelry making having started last year.

94) Currently, I'm daydreaming about moving out with the boyfriend.

95) I like looking at kitchen gadgets and pretending (with the boyfriend) that we can get whatever we want.

96) I've taken to posting things on the boyfriend's Facebook... recipes I want to make with the kitchen gadgets we want to buy.

97) He smiles at me and tells me it will happen one day.

98) When he smiles, I can't help but smile as well... even if I'm not happy.

99) Sometimes, I'm told I smile like a character from "Wallace and Gromit."

100) I'm so thankful there are so many blogs out there for me to read.

101) I'm so thankful to have readers who frequent my blog.


  1. Congratulations on 101 post Rose. I love your description of being a fluffy pillow and what a mammoth task to write 101 things about yourself. I've just done exactly the same thing only I thought it was 200 posts and it's 201. I'm having a give away to celebrate so come on over.

  2. i told you that you'd have new crazies. i walked into the closest b&n and they had some of our crazies there too