Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun at the Fair on Friday

I didn't post links on Friday because we went to the OC Fair. Not a terribly good excuse but karma paid me back by letting me forget my camera's battery at home. Oh, I remembered to charge my battery so I could post a nice blog about the fun fair but I left the battery on my bed. Sadness.

But the Boyfriend has a nifty smart phone with a camera! So I still got to take pictures! :D

Little chicks.

A baby piggy.


This is a COW. NOT a BULL. Serious.

That little girl has GUTS!


I have been loving eggplant lately. So I was fascinated by the plants.

Had some deep fried zucchini but I didn't take a picture of it. This made me want more! :P

A lemon.

A bread sculpture. How is that bread???

MMM. Looks yummy!

We split one these for lunch. They're HUGE!

The Boyfriend having dinner.

My dinner... several bites later.

A trip to the petting zoo before heading home.

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