Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ahtee's Links- What I'm Reading

(Internal Dialogue: Maybe if you distract them with a picture of cute adolescent geese, your readers won't notice that the links are two days late...)
LOOK! Aren't they adorable?
Lol. Sorry the links are two days late... busy busy with boyfriend's family visiting and allergies... and the weather has been so beautiful that a lot of our time has been spent outdoors! Today it was with GEESE! One more picture before the links :D

Ok. Enough cute and fuzzy... LINKS!

A Bead A Day- So many sparkles! I would totally feel like a princess wearing this!

ammjewelry- Millie plays with her flea market finds.

April Is Forever Jewellery- Oh yes, summer is definitely on it's way :D

ARTISAN BEADS PLUS by MaryAnn Carroll- A simple and helpful banner tutorial for your blog!

Artisan Clay- Yay for new goodies!!!

Ashley Akers- Take a little break from the jewelry to check out all the yummy bread! I can smell it through my computer! O_O

Backyard Beads- Doreen's made some cute lentils!

Beads, beads, beads...- I LOVE these hair clips!

Bei Mondi- New bracelets from Leslie! COOOPPPER! Love!

Be~Jeweled by jana- A BEAUTIFUL necklace inspired by her daughter's wedding flowers!

Deez News- She's brave enough to show off something she calls "a dog's breakfast."

Designs by Dawn Marie- A beautiful custom order for a Paris wedding!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles- Curious about the raku process? Check out this blog.

Five Forty at Home- New sun catchers by Pegg! I love the dragonfly one!

Humblebeads Blog- Beautiful pendant inspired by beautiful autumn foliage.

JustATish Designs- Are you crafty or trendy? Check out this AWESOME giveaway!

Kelley's Bead Studio- These eggs are SOOO cute!

Lorelei's Blog- I love her stuff- This one is called "Love Letter."

Melissa J. Lee- Treasures found on the beach!

Sue Beads- The first one reminds me of chili peppers!

The Cerebral Dilettante- Oh, I dream of Paris when I see this necklace.

This Artist's Journey- Pretty Bronzclay molds.

To Bead Or Not To Bead What A Question- So exciting to see how Jessica's first beads are turning out!

Vintajia Adornments- That touch of orange is just lovely against all that blue.

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