Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puppies and Bracelets

Since Thursday, my world has been a lot of this:

Dog-sitting for my friends. The pups seem to really like the boyfriend.

Especially Indy, short for Indiana Bones. He likes to snuggle Rod when he's on the couch.

Wee little Etsy shop update this week.

These bracelets are now in the bracelet section. Double strand, braided, mother of pearl buttons... FUN colors. Perfect for the beach, I think.

Another wire wrap bracelet, similar to this one... but in pastel colors. Loving the palette here.

And I made this one for a man. Not a specific man, but a man nonetheless. Buffalo nickel button!

I have a show coming up in July! Isn't that exciting? I will do a whole blog post about that... next week. Right now, puppies and boyfriend need cuddles. :P

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I like the "man bracelet" at the end. I'm not quite sure it's my own personal style, but I like the look and think it's definitely "manly". :)

  2. How great! if only my days were filled with just puppies and bracelets :) really like the bracelet with the 3 wirewrapped loops - that is gorgeous