Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Muses: Happiness in Inspriation

Woo. The last three days have been intense with my store closing. Been a roller coaster of emotions. And absolutely no time for jewelry making. I feel drained and am searching for inspiration. So, I've decided that every Monday, I'll post pieces from artists who inspire me. My muses.
Turquoise spinner ring from Balanced. These days, I find myself spinning my bracelets on my wrists. I've never had a spinner ring before, but I imagine it would calm my nerves as much as spinning my bracelets would. I love the color. And I have a ton of these filigree pieces. I'm itching to try weaving on them.

Mohala Woven Flower Ring from smittenforyou. I've seen roses made from fabric but not leaves before! Love this idea. And it's such a beautiful story behind the plant.

Enter the Serpent from gailavira. I can see myself wearing this as a thumb ring. I love that it's adjustable! And this design would probably work as a bracelet as well! Love it.

I think I'm going to start making rings soon. I want to try my hand at woven rings. I've amassed a lovely collection of seed beads because of my wrap bracelets. I should use them to make beautiful rings! 

Now... just to find the time... :P

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