Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Holiday Post

Happy holidays, everyone! This holiday season has me running around like a crazy chicken at work, trying to push books into people's hands and keep employees motivated or from having break-downs. Outside of my day-job, I have commissions (YES! COMMISSIONS! YAY! *boogies*) to fulfill and an article to write. My Christmas shopping is far from being done. For the past week, my cold comes and goes. And now, today, I have been dealing with some intense backpain.

Whine whine whine. Complain complain complain.

BUT. I'm very excited this holiday season. Lots of happiness and joy even with cranky customers at work. I'm so happy to be doing commissions and (even though I'm freaking out a tad) over the moon about writing an article.

However, this holiday season has left me little time to blog :( I went from blogging everyday in November to hardly at all. I lurk and read blogs when I have time but hardly comment because writing takes a lot of time for me.

I feel like I'm blathering. What was the point of this post? OH YEAH! This is on my wishlist from Santa this year:
I want a set of new pliers. Ergonomic handles would be lovely. I really just want new cutters. I made the mistake of cutting memory wire with my cutters on one of my first projects and they have a nice kink in them now.

My poor RH has had to deal with me randomly saying, "You know what I want this year? Pliers... (or) a dvd drive... (or) earrings... (or) a puppy..." He, however, hasn't given me a very good list of presents for this year. Hmph.

Anyway. I'm running out of steam. What is on your wishlist this year? And are you more subtle in your hinting or do you just say "I want..." like me? :P

10 more days!


  1. I'm not in the least subtle when hinting for gifts. I circle things in brochures and leave them in strategic spots or just say this is what I want and I'll I cry if I don't get it and your lives will be miserable for the next year LOL.
    Hope things slow down a bit for you and you're able to enjoy the holidays.

  2. i buy what i want and tell my husband thank you :)

    i have a sewing machine on my wish list- a real one with a warranty. I am so tired of buying used ones, and having them crap out on me after a few months and taking to get them fixed to find out it is more to fix it than it was to buy it. i bought one at a yard sale ($25)- used it for quite a while - had to have it fixed ($90) thought, well it is fixed, will be like new - right.... wrong- broke again. if i have to spend that kind of money to have it fixed every 6 months, i can buy a new one for the same money.

    /rant...sorry... Merry Christmas!!!! :)