Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trial and Error

I like to sketch out my designs.

 ... they don't turn out so hot. Probably should have used smaller beads. It's a design worth trying again.

Then other times, I surprise myself and actually make something that I hold up and say, "Holy crap! I made that? I brought it to life?" 

Its quite a wonderful feeling. Something that I hope all artists experience. For me, it's rather rare with my jewelry making to bring a sketch fully to life. I'm tickled pink and want to show the world. 

Thank goodness I have a blog :P

Can you tell I've been dreaming of India?


  1. The earrings are very pretty! I try to sketch something out once in awhile but I can't draw so it really doesn't help much! My granddaughter laughs at my drawings, I can barely draw a stick person! She really has talent, though.

  2. I love the pendant!! and yes, i see india there. I am curious to see the finished product on the top one. The eye at the side (or top) that is not wrapped - is that the top, and is that where you were going to add an ear wire? I can defiantly see where you were going with that and i love it. dont stop!

  3. HI there! Love these! Also wanted to say, Congrats on your magazine design!! WAY TO GO!

  4. @Jana- Thank you! How old is your granddaughter? I love it when young people are interested in art. I'm trying to keep my 6 year old nephew interested in coloring :P

    @Tish- I had to stop. The wire broke because I was fighting it too much. I'm going to try again with that design soon but I thought I'd give us a bit of space because we were fighting so hard. Hahaha. And the eye on the side was just where I anchored the wire because I thought it would be easier if I had an anchor place, you know? The ear wire was going to go on top.

    @Lisa- HI! Thank you! I was so excited to see it... giddy even! Thanks for visiting my page!