Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CSN On My Rainy Day

Rainy days are perfect for web window shopping. CSN boasts that they make shopping easy and I believe it. You can get anything from a bar stool to complete your set at the counter or a garden gnome to make sure your carrots aren't lonely. For me though? I've been browsing CSN in search of a new bag.

 Sooo pretty. O_O 

I'm on the move a lot and need a "mobile studio" bag. And there are so many to choose from... I'm happy its rainy and I can just curl up under my blanket with my laptop and window shop. I should probably be making stuff but the CSN sites are so fun to surf. Maybe just a few more pages...


  1. They do have a ton of great stuff!! i love their site - am putting together a wish list :)

  2. the gnomes are out of stock but they are pretty cute!!