Friday, February 5, 2010

Leaves and Flowers

This is my third post of the day. Family drama has drawn me away from blogging, but hasn't stopped me from creating (creating was one of the things that kept me sane...). Two more earrings to share.

I bought these hammered copper links a while ago from JoAnn's. It was in their clearance section and I just had to have them. I've been loving copper lately and I just itched to make something with them. But that was in December when I bought those links! Finally, I saw these copper leaves at my bead store and thought of these Czech glass flowers I had at home and how wonderfully they would go together! Hopefully I was right...

Following the nature theme, I saw these golden flower bead caps today at my bead store. I don't usually make gold jewelry. I'm not sure why. But these flowers were so delicate and sweet, I had to buy them and make something out of them. I found some blush pink, frosted glass beads and thought the color went well with the gold. Hanging them off of 18K gold plated earring hooks and voila!

Note: I've been trying a new photographing... technique? Is that the word? Sometimes the color looks great, sometimes not so great (like in the second image of the second pair of earrings). Photoshop doesn't help much. Hopefully I can get it to work better soon... it's driving me nuts!

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  1. Those hammered copper links are fantastic. I love those earrings! i love the map incorporated into the picture - makes me this of an archeological expedition to Egypt :)